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Q: How much is admission?
A: $8 Adults; $3 Kids 4-9; Under 4  free

Q: Do I have to pay again to watch the second feature?
A: No. Your paid admission is good for both movies.

Q: What nights are the drive-in open?
A: The drive-in is currently open 5 nights a week (Closed Monday & Tuesday), including holidays, unless an event is scheduled. Our schedule can always be found on Facebook or our website,

Q: What time do the gates open?
A: 30 minutes before show time.

Q: When do new movies start?
A: New movie schedules start on Fridays.

Q: What movies are playing next week?
A: Because film companies can quickly change, movies are not booked weeks in advance.
Movies are usually booked Monday for the upcoming weekend.

Q: Are your movie times AM or PM?
A: We are an outdoor theatre. We can only show movies at night.

Q: Can I sit outside of my vehicle?
A: Yes, you can sit outside of your vehicle. We require you sit in front or behind your vehicle, not in the space next to you.

Q: Can I buy tickets in advance?
A: We do not sell advance tickets. It is first come, first served and you pay as you enter the theatre.

Q: Can I buy tickets online?
A: No, we do not have that capability. 

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks?
A: Yes, BUT buying food from the concession stand helps support the drive in. With 50% - 70% of our ticket sales going to film companies, purchasing food from our concession stand is appreciated. Concession sales allow us to continue to operate, so we encourage you to visit our snack bar!

Q: What kind of food do you have?
A: A PDF of our full menu with prices can be found here:
**However, since the Coronavirus has effected food availability, we may have issues getting stock. We have also suspended free refills. 

Q: Can I bring a grill to cook my food?
A: No, for liability reasons we cannot allow any grills of any kind.

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: Yes, well behaved pets are allowed at the drive-in. If they are outside of your vehicle, they must be on a leash. Animals are prohibited from entering the snack bar, unless they are a service animal.

Q: Can I sit in the back of my van or suv and watch the movies?
A: Yes, you can sit in the back of your vehicle and watch the movies. We do ask that if your hatch raises up above the height of your vehicle, make sure it does not block the view of guests sitting behind you. If it does, we will ask you to tie it down level with your vehicle.

Q: Can I run my vehicle during the movies?
A: Yes, but if your vehicle is loud or puts off harsh fumes we will ask you to turn it off.

Q: Can I bring my diesel truck to the drive in?
A: Yes, if your diesel truck is loud or puts off harsh fumes we will ask you not to run it while the movies are playing.

Q: Do you have group rates?
A: No, we try to keep our admission prices as low as possible so everyone can afford to come to the movies.

Q: Do you offer any birthday party packages?
A: We love celebrating your birthday with you but we do not have any birthday party packages. We can help your group park together as long as the group arrives early. Contact the theatre via Facebook Messenger for details. We do place Happy Birthday messages on the Screen for FREE **However, we must be given at least 3 days notice.** You are also welcome to bring birthday cake and supplies with you.

Q: How do I request an on-screen message?
A: Contact us via Facebook Messenger . We will put Happy Birthday, I Love You, Welcome Home, Will You Marry Me, etc. for FREE. We do ask that you get your messages to us at least 7 days before you want them on-screen.

Q: How do I contact the Joy-Lan?
A: Email:; Facebook Messenger

Q: My vehicle has daytime running lights, how do I turn them off?
A: Turn off your vehicle, apply the parking brake and turn your vehicle back on. If they do come back on, come and see us in the snack bar. We have blankets that we can put over your lights.

Q: How do I listen to the movie?
A: Through your FM radio: 93.1 FM

Q: My radio doesn't work, how can I listen to the movie?
A: We rent portable radios in concession or you can bring your own FM radio. Rental is $3 and we hold an ID.

Q: If I have a problem, who do I talk to?
A: If you have any issues, see one of our staff. If your problem is not addressed, ask to see our manager, Maurice.

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